Here are 6 reasons why home electronic equipment should use Black Remote Technology:

Save Customers Money: Eliminating phantom power loss will reduce the consumer’s money monthly utility bill.

Go Green: Black Remote allows products to become more environmentally responsible.

Compatible with existing products: The remote control holder can be designed to hold existing remote devices– no need to change the design of the remote control device.

New Product Line: Can be sold separately from the remote control.  A non-specific design could be created to hold many different universal remote control devices.  A possible variation on the concept could provide an adjustable area to allow any remote control device to be used.

Keeping Track of the Remote: Given the portable nature of the device, keeping the remote control in the same place can keep it from getting lost.

Portable Devices: Turning off the power drain on the system is even more essential if the device is run on batteries instead of being plugged into an electrical outlet.

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